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Buk Spotted In Stary Oskol, Russia, Moving Toward Ukraine's Border
Separatist Ambushes Near MH17 Crash Site Destroy Ukraine Convoys And Civilian Vehicles


The Interpreter
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8 years
Buk In Russia Has Similar Markings as Rebel Buk, Different from Ukraine's
Picking up on our last tweet, Eliot Higgins notices that the Buk spotted in Donetsk on July 17th, which we believe was on its way to the area where MH17 was shot down, has similar markings as the one in the new video which shows a Buk in Russia. It does not, however, match a Ukrainian Buk spotted in April.
Is this proof that the weapon in Donetsk was also part of the Russian military?
Published in Press-Stream Ukraine Liveblog Day 164 in Publication Ukraine Liveblogs