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Published in Stream:
Ukraine Liveblog Day 163
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Intercept Reveals Separatist Leader's Admission of Russian Artillery Back-Up
3 years
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The Ukrainian Interior Ministry has posted to its YouTube channel today an intercept purporting to be a conversation between Col. Igor Strelkov of the "Donetsk People's Republic" and a separatist fighter nick-named "Kep". The voice sounds similar to other recordings of Strelkov that have been verified.

The Interpreter has translated the conversation:

Unknown: I'll give the phone to the commander-in-chief now.
Kep: Hello, ok, ok.
Strelkov: Hello.
Kep: Hello, Comrade Colonel.
Strelkov: I can't get a connection on the closed [encrypted line?--Interpreter]...that means we have to knock them out of the woods. Out of the woods where..there are tanks there. Try to get up closer and burn the shit out of them.

That is Gornoye there. That is, you have to prevent them from shelling the block. You have to occupy Gornoye somehow. Send out the anti-tanks groups.

Kep: Yes, sir.

Strelkov:  Knock them out of there.

Kep: But there's about 107 vehicles there.

Strelkov: 107? Where?

Kep: 107. Right there. Now I'll tell you exactly from the map.

Strelkov: Where?

Kep: In the Gornoye area. There is just a CSV (command-staff vehicle) and some sort of big battery, covered by the woods. I want to send people over there now. I've already summoned them.

And over there, between...more to the right. I'll tell you. Just a second. So...Hmm. Here's Krasnodarskoye. That's Shakhtyorsk. This is north of Shakhtyorsk. Beyond Krasnodarskoye.

Strelkov: Yes.

Kep: There's an automobile testing track. There, at that testing track they said there are about 107 vehicles.

Strelkov: Is this inside the city or on the outside?

Kep: It's already the outskirts of the city. The outskirts.

Strelkov: Well, at any rate it has to be cut off. You have to cut them off from that...from those...That is to occupy that-- Krasnodarskoye. Occupy Shakhtyorsk. Cut off their supply.

Kep: Shakhtyorsk is still ours. They're only on the outskirts.

Strelkov: But Shakhtyorsk has to be occupied. And occupy Shevchenko. And all of that shit, so as not to allow them to slip through further. If they get through further, it's good-bye.  You know.

Kep: Yes sir. I know, Comrade Colonel.

Strelkov: So, go on, move out. You're covered from the south by Russian artillery. And while we still have the night, while the reserves are coming, you must clean up everything there. While they're there. The 107 won't reach there yet. Knock out the tanks which are on the road there. Otherwise you will not get reinforcements. Neither your nor us. Go on, move out.

Kep: Uh-huh.