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Ukraine Liveblog Day 161
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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Pentagon: 100 Russian Vehicles Crossed The Border Into Ukraine
6 years
Fighting Intense Near Donetsk

Not only is the Pentagon warning that Russia has at least 12,000 combat troops on the border with Ukraine, they also say that a convoy of more than 100 Russian armored vehicles has already crossed the border -- and that's not the only vehicles that have crossed the border, it's just the biggest:

“I can tell you that last week we saw a column of over 100 Russian vehicles moving into Ukraine,” Warren said. “That’s the largest one we’ve seen. It is a substantial enough number that is a great concern to us.”

Heavy and sophisticated equipment requires trained personnel, he said. “What we’ve seen that most concerns us is in southern Russia, Ukrainian separatists participating in training activities … around Rostov,” he added. “This indicates that Russia is, in fact, training these separatists on how to fight, how to operate equipment [and] how to conduct operations in Ukraine.”

This corresponds to  what we've been reporting for several weeks, that since shortly before MH17 was shot down the amount of direct military aid -- and fire support -- which the separatists have received from the Russian military has increased exponentially and continues to increase.

And there are more reports of artillery and rocket attacks into Ukraine from Russian soil as these words are being written: