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Ukraine Liveblog Day 161
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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Rebel Leaders In Disarray As Ukraine's Military Advances
6 years
Russia's Next Crisis: A Brain Drain?
New Sanctions Coming For Russia, But Will They Hit The 'Big Fish'?


Novorus has pulled the article translated below. We have no confirmation that Girkin/Strelkov was arrested. He gave a press conference at 15:00GMT and was seen by Western journalists. Since then his whereabouts are not known.

Ukraine's separatist leadership is in disarray. As we've reported today, the self-appointed Prime Minister of the self-declared 'Donetsk People's Republic,' Alexander Borodai, has reportedly left the country to go to Moscow. Separatist commander Igor Bezler has not been heard from (to our knowledge) since he fled the Ukrainian military assault in Gorlovka, we're not sure where too. Aleksandr Khodakovsky, head of the Vostok Battalion, the Kremlin's military right hand on the ground in Ukraine, has either lost Saur-Magila or is on the verge of losing it (depending on who you ask), and since the area is his primary claim to glory, it's unclear if he has fled or if he has gone down with the ship.

Earlier today there were reports that separatist commander Igor Strelkov was captured by the Ukrainian government. The pro-separatist website Novorus reports (translated by The Interpreter):

News has been received from Shakhtyorsk today that DPR Defense Minister Igor Strelkov along with several other officers have been taken captive by the Ukrainian punitive units. We will recall that earlier Igor Ivanovich had come to Shakhtyorsk in order to personally lead the action of one of the chief assault divisions of the DPR, the Kalmius Spetsnaz Battalion.

According to preliminary information from our informed sources, Strelkov was immediately evacuated in the junta's 'medical' helicopter deep into Ukrainian territory, as his kidnappers plan to exchange him for the Ukrainian terrorist pilot Nadezhda Savchenko.

"The use of a helicopter with the identifying marks of the Red Cross for transferring Strelkov once again illustrates the base nature of the Ukrainian junta, since the transport of prisoners of war by such means violates the Geneva Convention. Indeed, this possibly indirectly confirms that Strelkov was wounded during the heroic resistance against the Ukrainian henchmen," said our other source.

Since, however, Strelkov has given a press conference:

And as Russian armored vehicles have been spotted moving into Ukraine with increased frequency just yesterday, Seddon asks a pertinent question:
The bottom line is that the separatist leadership was fragmented before, but now it may be in complete disarray. And the Ukrainian military is clearly pressing their advantage with an urgency that was not present at all just a few weeks ago.