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Ukraine Liveblog Day 154
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The Interpreter
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Russians Scramble To Edit Wikipedia So The Kremlin's Claims Make Sense
7 years
Russia's Stocks Plummet After MH17 Shoot Down
What We Know And Don't Know About The Downing Of Flight MH17 And The 'Buk' Missile System

As we reported earlier, the Kremlin now says that flight MH17 was "tailed" by a Ukrainian military Su-25 aircraft during much of its flight over Ukraine. As we pointed out, this claim may be physically impossible since Russia says that the Su-25 was consistently between 3 and 5 kilometers away from MH17, but the Su-25 can't fly high enough to have this claim make any sense.

Well, today the Su-25 has been given some significant upgrades -- at least on Wikipedia. Several IP addresses that track back to central Moscow appear to have edited the maximum altitude of the Su-25 from 7 kilometers to 10 kilometers to match the flight path of MH17.

One such IP address that made such a change appears to use the "ROSNIIROS" ISP (Russian Institute for Public Networks) and, according to one IP tracking service, is associated with an organization called "JSK IT. Information Technologies Co."

Another address that made this change is also from Moscow and was tracked back to the "Closed joint-stock company Telecommunication company."

We have not translated the full transcript of the Russian press conference yet, but according to an editor for the Russian Kremlin-operated propaganda network RT, the claim is that the Su-25 can briefly climb to 10,000 meters (though there's no indication of this capability on the manufacturer's website).