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Published in Stream:
Ukraine Liveblog Day 153
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Separatists Publish Expense Report - Night Vision Scope, Satellite Communications, and 'Humanitarian' Handcuffs
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The VKontakte community "Strelkov's Dispatches," which has been publishing information from the pro-Russian separatists for months, has issued a report on purchases made "for the militia by Aleksandr Zhuchkovsky."

Supporters of the separatists said that after the fighters fled from Slavyansk, they bought more supplies for their movement, concentrating on a specific group of "Strelkovites" who had "heroically covered the retreat from Slavyansk with armored vehicles."

The items the rebels shopped for including everything from boots and knapsacks to a night vision scope and handcuffs for what they described as the "humanitarian" detention of prisoners of war.

 Regarding the most expensive item on their list -- a satellite communications system for 300,000 rubles or $8,500, they commented:

"We are not providing details or showing a photo in light of the risk of discovering the location via the model of the device."

Supporters say that after they published their last report of purchases, they raised about 1.750 million rubles or US $50,000 to add to the remainder of funds they had previously raised, and thus had the equivalent of some $63,500 in cash to buy gear, electronics, camouflage uniforms, boots, and other equipment for the Donbass fighters.

The Interpreter has translated the shopping list, with prices in rubles:

50 Walkie-talkies - 75,000
50 accessories for walkie-talkies - 25,000
Night vision sight - 30,000
Calimator reflex scopes - 75,000
4 Planks for scopes - 16,000
Binoculars - 10 - 80,000
3 Solar batteries - 21,000
5 GPS navigators - 40,000
Satellite communication - 300,000
6 Backpacks with unloaders - 31,200
4 camouflage uniforms - 8,000
10 camouflage coveralls - 15,000
7 pairs of boots - 14,7000
5 tactical belts - 2,800
7 holsters - 6,600
8 handles for AK 8s - 3,200
10 signal cartridges - 10,000
20 Handcuffs (for humane detention of war prisoners) - 16,000
25 helmets - 8,300
20 Sappers' shovels - 8,000
25 Chemical warfare suits - 75,000

About 120,000 rubles were spent on transportation of the freight and vehicle repair, and they also ordered 100 more walkie-talkies for 150,000 rubles and had some additional expenss for mobile communications, drivers, etc. of 50,000 rubles with 380,000 rubles left over.

The coordinator of the purchases supplied the numbers of accounts at Sberbank and Webmoney to send donations, and even published his email to use to send funds via Western Union.

In addition to their shopping expedition, supporters describe that they received donations of  camouflage outfits, 10 bullet-proof vests and 5 generators.

They also provided aid to a widow of a slain fighter and assistance in order to evacuate three families to Russia.

The knives weren't in the list, but a picture of them was included with the report.