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Ukraine Liveblog Day 152
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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Pushilin Resigns from 'Speaker' Position in 'Donetsk People's Republic'
7 years
Russian Ultrnationalist Bragged About Repair of Separatists' BUKs
Denis Pushilin, the self-appointed "speaker of parliament" of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" (DPR) announced that he had resigned from his position, and other Russian state media reported.

Sergei Kavataradze, special representative of the DPR in Russia, told RT (translated by The Interpreter):

Today at a session of the Supreme council, the deputy chairman of the Supreme Council of the DPR read a letter to the deputies from Denis Pushilin, the chairman of the Supreme Soviet, that he requested to be relieved of his position without indication of the reasons.

Vladimir Makovich reported that there was also a phone call confirming the letter of Denis Pushilin. After this there was a vote on the question of Denis Pushilin's resignation from his post. This decision was accepted by a majority of deputies. They met Pushilin half-way and voted for his resignation."

Pushilin, a native of Donetsk Region who survived two assassination attempts, had a checkered career, first in the notorious Russian Ponzi scheme known as MMM, then in pro-Russian politics in Ukraine and recently in the DPR leadership.

While some people speculated that he suddenly resigned due to the accusations against separatists of shooting down the Malaysian airliner, in fact, he has been in Moscow for weeks and not at the center of DPR politics.
While in Moscow in recent weeks, he wasn't exactly idle, but did a lot of PR work for the pro-separatist movement, denying that the DPR received aid from "foreign governments," i.e. Russia.

Translation: Novorossiya did not receive proposals to delivery weapons to Novorossiya

Translation: Pushilin: Due to Koval's plan, the number of militiamen in the DPR has grown.

Translation: Pushilin: in the ranks of the militia there are "anti-fascists from the whole world" fighting.

In a post dated 17 July "On the Political Prospects of Novorossiya," posted before the downing of the Malaysian plane, Boris Rozhin, editor of Golos Sevastopolya, who blogs under the name of "Colonel Cassad" predicted Pushilin's resignation, mentioning rumors that it was imminent.

He speculated that because Pushilin had become mixed up in the contacts with Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov as a "party of defeatists," along with Vostok Battalion leader Aleksarn Khodakovsky and others), he had to be removed. He said sources told him to expect the resignation of yet another highly-placed political figure in the DPR due to these contacts with Akhmetov.

"Pushilin's resignation means that Moscow is continuing work on improving the management of processes inside the military and political leadership of the DPR," he said laconically.