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Published in Stream:
Ukraine Liveblog Day 152
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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Explosion In Moscow District of Butovo
7 years
Proof That Buk Missiles Fled Back To Russia?
Locals Say Explosion in Moscow's Butovo District Likely an Accident

There have been reports of an explosion in the Moscow neighborhood of Butovo.

LifeNews, a TV channel close to law-enforcement and intelligence agencies, is the first to report the story.

The Interpreter has provided a translation:

Translation: Explosion in Moscow TT @lifenews_ru BREAKING An explosion thundered in Butov, rescue workers and medics are heading to the scene.

An Instagram account user has posted a video 15 minutes ago:

Translation: Totally bombed it 2 times. Poor guy, he burnt up. #бутово #чп #пожар #южноебутово

Voices in the video are heard to say "Get out of here! All the cars are going to blow up! Get the f**k out of here! Did you call the fire department?!"

We have no more information on what kind of explosion this was or whether it was an accident or terrorism.