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NATO Knew Russia Supplied Ukraine Militants With Advanced SAMs Weeks Ago
Rebel Tanks Headed Toward Crash Site, Fighting Heard Nearby


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7 years
What Is In The Sky Over The Crash Area Right Now?
Roland Oliphant is in the area of the crash site and he has seen something very peculiar in the sky:

We've seen a lot of pictures like this, and our first impression is that these look like flares dropped by an aircraft to avoid the heat-seeking mechanisms of ground-to-air missiles.

But why would anyone be flying over this territory right now? It's also possible that these were actual flares fired from the ground into the sky. But why and by whom?

This may or may not be important, but we'll keep an eye on it.

Published in Press-Stream Ukraine Liveblog Day 152 in Publication Ukraine Liveblogs