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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Russian Air Force Targets and Intercepts Ukrainian Planes
3 years
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The Ukrainian Council for National Security and Defense (CNSD) made a statement today noting that the downing of the Malaysian airline was the third such incident, after Ukrainian military AN-26 and SU-25 planes were downed from Russian territory. The information has not yet been confirmed.

The Interpreter has translated an excerpt from an article in Ukrainska Pravda:

On 16 July at 18:55, Ukrainian military intelligence recorded the use of the planes of the Russian Armed Forces Air Force against the Ukrainian SU-25 plane in the area of Ambvrosievka.

On the territory of Russia in Rostov Region in the area of Matveyev Kurgan-Novoshakhtinsk, our scout was accompanied by a MiG-29 plane from the 19th Fighter Aviation Regiment and the 1st Mixed Aviation of the 4th Division of the RF Air Force Command.

From 18:48-19:49 (Kiev time) the ground navigation point of the RF Armed Forces (call-name "Rapper") navigated the Russian MiG-29 (pilot's call name "221") in order to destroy the air target on the territory of Ukraine.

During the flight in the direction of the state border of Ukraine on a course of 150-330 degrees (direction of Rostov-on-Don-Donetsk in the region of Matveyev Kurgan [RF] Amvrosievka) for a period of 5-7 minutes, the pilot was targeting by the command point the airplane of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Air Force for its destruction.

The barrage of the Russian MiG-29 fighter plane was made at an altitude of 8,850 meters, and the intercept of the Ukrainian plane by the missile of the MiG-29 was made at an altitude of 8,250 meters. The distance between the planes was 35-40 meters.

To destroy the target, Russian Air Force command gave the order to the MiG-29 pilot to use only air-to-air missiles such as the medium-range R-27T with an infrared self-navigation system.

This type of missile is not recorded by the radar warning receiver of the SU-25, and also the satellite reconnaissance systems and observation after the launch.

Another feature of the R-27 type missile is that they are manufactured in Ukraine, have the marking of the Artyom manufacturing plant (Kiev) and in the event their fragments are found, it is impossible to identify them as a Russia armament.

The Ukrainian CNSD said that the  Russian fighter targeted the Ukrainian plane three times and made one rocket strike before running out of fuel, but the Ukrainian pilot was able to land the damaged plane.

Ukrainian border guards also reported the flight of 8 Russian helicopters along the border line yesterday across from the Amvrosievka checkpoint, as well as a Russian drone.