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Convoy of Separatist Armor Filmed Entering Donetsk
8 years
Latest OSCE Report From Ukraine
Kiev: 'Absolute Proof' Russia Was Involved In Shooting Down of Aircraft
This video proves that a convoy of armor that we've been tracking all day has made it to central Donetsk city (exactly here). The convoy appears to show 2 tanks leading 3 2S1 Gvodzika self-propelled guns and a BTR. Earlier we had video of 3 tanks, so if this is the same convoy we're not sure where the other tank went. The original reports were that this convoy was much larger than this one, so it is also possible that the convoy split into smaller groups:

What appears to be the same convoy is also visible in this video. Note the large container truck which appears to be part of the convoy as it's in both videos. This video was reportedly taken in Makeyevka, east of Donetsk, which makes a lot of sense based on how we know the convoy has been traveling.

Another video reportedly taken today in the same town shows the same column.

We have not geolocated the last two videos.

As we've been reporting, there is no indication the the separatists ever captured 2S1 Gvodzikas, the camouflage on these vehicles does not match the Ukrainian military, and videos posted in June show 2S1 Gvodzikas, the same color as the ones spotted on the move in Ukraine today, moving toward the Ukrainian border after being loaded onto Russian trucks (see previous updates for details).