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Reported Attack on Mine in Donetsk Region
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Ukrainska Pravda reports on a reported attack on a mine in the Petrovsky district outside Donetsk. 

The administrative building for mines 4-21 was occupied by separatists from the self-declared 'Donetsk People's Republic' on June 19. The site is 100 metres from the mining buildings.

Municipalnaya Gazeta, a local news source had reported that the strike was preceded by the appearance of a Ukrainian military aircraft. 

But Olexei Dmitrashkovsky, a press officer for the Ukrainian government's Anti-Terrorism Operation, told Ukrainska Pravda that no aircraft was flying near Donetsk today. 

However he was unable to comment on whether Ukrainian security forces were carrying out any operations in the area of the mine, which leaves room for a possible artillery strike. 

An Ukrainska Pravda correspondent at the scene reported that there were no casualties following the blasts. 

Their report includes photos of what their reporter was told was shrapnel from the blasts.