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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Electoral Committee Chairman Says Voting Cannot Take Place in Donetsk Tomorrow
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Ukrainska Pravda reports, (translated by The Interpreter):

Due to threats to polling station staff and the townspeople themselves, the May 25 presidential elections cannot be held in Donetsk.

This was the opinion expressed by the chairman of the Ukrainian Electoral Committee, Oleksandr Chernenko, reports 5 Channel.

"Today reports are coming from Donetsk, saying that members of electoral commissions are actually writing letters of resignation. Everyone understands that holding the elections poses a threat to citizens' lives", remarked Chernenko.

"I know that decision to abandon the election has already been taken at the city government level. Because this contradicts the law, this decision certainly needs to be checked over in some way by the Central Election Commission. Then again, it's impossible to safely hold elections there. Furthermore, they would only have been cancelled had there been no more legitimate a solution", said the head of the UEC.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Central Election Commission, Mikhail Okhendovsky, said that he would be able to specify the number of constituencies in Donetsk which will be running on the morning of May 25, according to Ukrainskiye Novosti.

Okhendovsky also noted that in the Lugansk oblast "there will be, most likely, only two 2 constituencies at which elections will be held" - in the towns of Svatovo (district 115) and Belovodsk (district 114). 

The CEC will not wait for reports of results from the 10 remaining constituencies committees.