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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Right Sector Says They Will Not Engage In Activity On May 9
7 years
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Tomorrow, May 9th, is Victory Day, commemorating the Soviet defeat of the Germans in World War II. Pro-Russian elements are expected to hold rallies, and there are fears that there could be more clashes.

Right Sector, the ultra-nationalist group that is Russia's favorite scapegoat for everything they don't like in Ukraine, has released a statement saying that they will not hold any events tomorrow. Below is an annotated computer translation of the official statement:

  • Right Sector [has] no plans and will not perform any action on May 9, except for veterans health meetings in the cities, where we received official requests from veterans organizations or organizers of these events.
  • The "Right Sector" [has] no enemies among Ukrainian citizens of all ages, social status or religion, especially among veterans of the Second World War.
  • We believe [in] May 9 - A Day of commemoration of blessed memory of all those killed by the war and ask all units [of] Right Sector to honor the victims with a minute of silence.
  • Any violence against citizens of Ukraine who wish... to celebrate this day in a peaceful manner is unacceptable.
  • Information on criminal plans, which we learned to use symbols or May 9 named "Right Sector" during the planned provocation will be transferred to the security forces.
  • We demand from the law enforcement agencies take immediate steps to neutralize criminal groups.
  • Emphasize the inadmissibility of the use of symbols named "the right sector" in the illegal actions on the part of pro-groups.

In other words, Right Sector says that other groups will use the name and symbolism of Right Sector to conduct provocations.