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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Kremlin Says Holding of Ukrainian Presidential Elections Would be 'Absurd'
Crimean Tatar Leader Mustafa Dzhemilev Prevented From Entering Crimea

Following a visit from Kremlin envoy Vladimir Lukin, the seven OSCE observers who were abducted and held captive by Russian-backed separatists in Slavyansk have been freed, along with the five Ukrainian officers who were escorting them. There were reports yesterday that the self-proclaimed 'people's mayor' of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, had wanted to release the hostages due to the encroaching Ukrainian military operation, but wanted to wait until Lukin's arrival so as to hand them over to a Russian group rather than Ukrainian government or Western representatives. 

"German Col Axel Schneider praised his observer team's attitude" Photo: BBC News

 The BBC quotes one of the observers, the German Colonel, Axel Schneider, as saying that the captives had been treated "as good as possible" in what was a "miserable situation".