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Released Journalists Describe Capture
5 years
Russian-Backed Separatists Say They Have Released 2 Alfa Officers
Separatists Attack In Odessa - Riot Breaking Out

Some of the journalists who were detained and later released today by separatists have been describing what happened to them on Twitter.

Mike Giglio of Buzzfeed recounts his experience: 

Novosti Donbassa has reported on Twitter that the driver from the Buzzfeed team has suffered a 'hypertensive crisis' and is now in hospital.

Clarissa Ward from CBS News also attests to some physical violence against one detained journalist:

CBS posted this photo, taken by a member of Ward's team, "moments before" their detention:


Meanwhile Pierre Crom, a Dutch photographer working in Slavyansk, has reported that separatist fighters in Slavyansk have now clearing the streets and adopting defensive positions.