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The Interpreter
Journalists Missing in Slavyansk
1 year
There are disturbing reports that a number of journalists have been abducted or gone missing in the Slavyansk area. 

Clarissa Ward, who was reporting for CBS News, posted this (her latest to date) tweet late last night:

Novosti Donbassa, a local news site, reports that Ward was travelling to Konstantinovka with other CBS journalists and a team from Sky News when contact was lost.

UNIAN reports that among the other CBS journalists were Erin Lyall, Andy Stevenson and Geoff Mabberley. The Sky News crew consisted of Stuart Ramsey, Barnaby Green, Oleg Malko and Alexander Pustovit.

Novosti Donbassa reports that Buzzfeed's Mike Giglio and his interpreter, Elena Glazunov disappeared this morning at a checkpoint near Slavyansk:

The last message that Novosti Donbassa received from Mike was: "We've been seized at a checkpoint". He then managed to report that he and Elena had been sent by separatists to the occupied SBU building in Slavyansk.

According to the separatists themselves, they have not detained Glazunov and Giglio. This was announced by a separatist representativem Stella Khoroshova.