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The Interpreter
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SBU Claims to Have Caught Self-Styled Deputy Mayor of Slavyansk With $19k and Encryption Equipment on Return from Moscow
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Ukrainska Pravda reports on the SBU announcement of the discovery of evidence of direct financial links between Moscow and the separatist militia in Slavyansk, via the self-styled deputy mayor of Slavyansk, Igor Perepechayenko:

The SBU has established proof that the Russian Federation is financing the subversive activities of the 'Strelok' group.

This was announced by Marina Ostapenko, an SBU representative, on Monday.

According to her, the data were obtained as part of the prevention of the illegal activities of the self-declared deputy mayor of Slavyansk, Igor Perepechayenko.

"It is known that Perepechayenko established contacts with members of a Russian GRU reconnaissance and sabotage group, led by Russian citizen Girkin (Strelok), and provided assistance in the organisation of terrorist acts in the Donetsk region, amongst them, one which led to the death of an SBU employee," she said.

"On April 22, in support of 'Strelok's' objectives, Perepechayenko was brought to Moscow on a chartered flight, where he spoke with journalists from Channel One, and also received essential guidance and instructions from his foreign handler regarding the escalation of the situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine," added Ostapenko.

"His handler also gave him 19,000 dollars for 'Strelok' and equipment for encrypting phone calls," she said.

According to Ostapenko, Perepechayenko was arrested at Donetsk airport when he returned from Moscow.

She says that investigations are currently ongoing, a fragment of which has been shown to journalists at the press-centre.

In addition, according to Ukrainska Pravda's sources, Perepechayenko also carried Yarosh's business card to Moscow, which was already become a famous Ukrainian internet meme.

[Photo: SBU press-centre for Ukrainska Pravda]