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Press by
The Interpreter
More on Churkin's Invocation of Article 51
2 years
Russia Envoy to UN Makes Case For Invasion On Grounds of Self Defense
Kerry Statement on Russia's Role in Ukraine Crisis

More context on the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin's suggestion that Russia could invoke Article 51 of the UN Charter with regards to Ukraine. reports:

The Russian ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin has announced that Russia has the international legal grounds for introducing peace-keepers into Ukraine in the event of necessity. Churkin told Interfax:

'There are relevant norms in the UN Charter, Art. 51 of the Charter, which speaks of self-defense, and which we, by the way, activated during the conflict in the Caucasus in 2008," he said on the air in the program 'Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyev.'

'So we have international legal grounds. There is the relevant decision of the Federation Council,' noted Churkin.

At the same time, the ambassador emphasized that there was still a chance to settle the conflict in Ukraine through the Geneva accords.

'The authorities in Kiev must show that they really mean what is written in the Geneva accords. I think that there is a chance to return to the Geneva agreement. In fact, there isn't any other rational path,' said Churkin.