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Separatists Take Journalist Captive in Slavyansk
6 years
Pro-Russia Rallies Poorly Attended In East Ukraine
Estonia's President expresses his outrage at the news:

Vice News, in an article entitled "Press Conferences in Eastern Ukraine Have Been Getting Weirder and Weirder," reports:

On Monday, militias in Sloviansk paraded Irma Krat, a 29-year-old Ukrainian journalist and activist they have been holding since Sunday, before a crowd of journalists. The city was the setting of a deadly shoot-out during the weekend, which killed at least three people.

An armed, masked man led out a blindfolded Krat, took the scarf off from around her face and allowed her to address reporters, then blindfolded her once again, and escorted her away.

But, he claimed, the group was not holding her “against her will.”

The videos below show Krat speaking to reporters. Her expired press credentials are shown in the second video.

Several videos in the report show Krat, sometimes blindfolded and sometimes not, speaking to the press. Krat says she's cold, but "ok," and she's been given food and water. She is accused of being a "spy" involved in "war crimes." 

Another journalist,  freelancer Serhiy Lefter, is reportedly missing, though Krat, obviously under duress, said that she did not know if Lefter was being held by the separatists.  

On Sunday, Krat addressed reporters while blindfolded. At some point a loud bang or gunshot can be heard.