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US Vice President Joe Biden Arrives in Ukraine
6 years
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The American Vice President, Joe Biden, has arrived in Ukraine and will meet Ukraine's acting President and Prime Minister tomorrow. Washington Post reports:

[A senior unnamed official] said the U.S. energy consulting team will travel from here to Slovakia and Hungary to work on ways of reversing the flow of some of Ukraine’s pipelines now supplying Europe. Over the longer term, the official said, the U.S. government will work with Ukraine to help the government increase domestic gas production.

In addition, the official said, teams of U.S. economic advisers will arrive to assist Ukrainian officials in using $1 billion in recently approved U.S. loan guarantees and in securing a far larger assistance package from the International Monetary Fund.

Biden will also meet here with several dozen members of Ukraine’s parliament Tuesday representing regions from across the country. His message, the official said, will stress the need for unity ahead of next month’s elections to confront the enduring security threat and economic instability.

He will then speak with members of various civil society groups working to promote democracy and anti-corruption efforts, as well as those promoting youth and cultural programs.