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Two Christian Leaders, Two Different Messages
US Vice President Joe Biden Arrives in Ukraine
The latest news from the OSCE, as shared through a tweet from a professor at Moscow State University who describes himself as "Senior Lecturer/Researcher in International Relations and Security Studies at MGU, Political Analyst for RT, US Navy vet - Nuclear Engineering." 

The actual article doesn't really say that at all. The quote is clearly out of context. The report starts off by saying that the situation in Ukraine is not as dire as some media reports suggest, and it says that casualty numbers have often been exaggerated. Interestingly, the OSCE head identifies one such occassion as the attack last week in Mariupol which reportedly left three dead. The OSCE was only able to confirm one of those deaths. But it is the Russian media that reported that first four people, and then three, were killed. In other incidents, the Russia state media has exaggerated the numbers of casualties at some incidents, even if only in their initial reports. 

As for evidence of Russian troops operating inside Ukraine, the OSCE monitor actually admits that there are "signs," though there is a lack of hard evidence: 

As for the suspected presence of Russian servicemen in Ukraine, Zillikens said that "there are signs that foreign consultants worked and operated in the Ukrainian territory, but no clear evidence of that".

"Perhaps, we will get such evidence tomorrow. I don't rule that out. But so far, there is none. Only signs. Precisely such information, such a picture we present and report to Kyiv," head of the OSCE mission in Donetsk said.