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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Russian Lieutenant Colonel In Charge of Horlivka?
5 years
Horlivka City Hall Also Captured
Ukraine Requests UN Peacekeepers

Mariupol is in a highly strategic location.  Take a look at this map, and notice that all of the major towns where separatists have begun seizing territory are on major crossroads that connect vital parts of eastern Ukraine with Russia, except Mariupol - but that is a port that could potentially be used to land Russian troops should Russia decide to launch a full-scale invasion of eastern Ukraine.

Also note that there is a theory that the police headquarters in Slaviansk was the largest weapons stockpile in the region which is perhaps why it was captured so early on by what appeared to be an elite team of commandos. Was the idea to secure weapons stockpiles so that they could be given to pro-Russian locals who could help these elite gunmen control key crossroads in the eastern half of the country?

That makes this report even more concerning. Earlier we posted this video, which claims to show a man who identifies as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Russian Army, organizing the police in Horlivka. We cannot validate the man's claim at this time:

The Interpreter has translated this video:

Lieutenant Colonel: [on phone] I understand. That's it. Let's go.

Policeman: We need to go.

Lt. Col.: [To Line-Up] Fall in! Attention!

Greetings, Comrades!

Greetings! I am a lieutenant colonel

Policeman:  Of what?

Lt. Col.: Of the Russian Army, to be precise, a lieutenant colonel. Good morning!

Policemen: Good morning, Comrade Lieutenant!

Lt. Col.: Look! From here on, from this minute, the head of the Interior Ministry of the city of Gorlovka is appointed Aleksandr Fyodorovich Sluzhenko. You are to follow all his instructions without question. At this time, your assignment is to take out the police officers -- there are normal, loyal people here -- to bring them peacefully out of this situation -- I'll be there -- and bring them back here.

Your assignment:

- Maintain public order
- Prevent looting

You understand, yes?

- Prevent unauthorized seizure of buildings

In order to distinguish you from all the other police officers who have not yet come over to the side of the people, I ask you all to tie a St. George ribbon on your right shoulder strap

Policeman: Do you have any ribbons on you?

Lt. Col.: Gentlemen, the question of the ribbons is still not resolved yet.

Policeman: You should go buy some ribbons.

Lt. Col.: Because I was fighting [inaudible] ...You can understand.

Policeman: Who is going to obey us?

Lt. Col: They will obey you. I've introduced myself. Here's my ID.