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Published in Stream:
Day 1364: November 13, 2017
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Volker, Surkov Make No Progress on Peace-Keepers in Donbass; 2 Ukrainian Soldiers WIA
4 years

Vladislav Surkov (L) and Kurt Volker (R). Photos by TASS, Reuters 

US Special Representative Kurt Volker and Russian Presidential Representative Vladislav Surkov met in Belgrade November 13 to discuss the war in Donbass. It was their third meeting.

A brief joint statement published by the US Embassy said:

It is not surprising that the United States and Russia have different concepts for how to make peace, but we will continue to work to get there. There has always been a need for a combination of political and security measures to be taken under Minsk. Both sides agreed to reflect on the discussions today and to think about further ways to address this challenge.

As Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported, the two sides differ on their interpretation of peace-keeping in the Donbass.

Surkov said that Volker presented 29 paragraphs containing its response to the Russian plan for peace-keeping, which only involved guarding OSCE monitors near the front line.

The US has demanded that the peace-keepers be able to go anywhere in eastern Ukraine including separatist-held areas. 

Surkov said only 3 of the 29 paragraphs were acceptable 

As often occurs during peace talks, Russia-backed forces pulled back their fire today, making only 14 ceasefire violations, and two Ukrainian soldiers were wounded, reported.

In the previous reporting period, there were 33 ceasefire violations.

Ukrainian soldiers were detained in Popasnaya in Lugansk Region for beating a man.

National Police are investigating the incident said the ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation).

-- Catherine A. Fitzpatrick