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Published in Stream:
Day 1008: November 21, 2016
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Fighting Reduced Today With No Casualties; Some Protesters Break Windows at Protest March
5 years
Ukrainians Mark 3rd Anniversary of Maidan Protests; Azov Stages Protest March

The ATO wrote on its Facebook page at 18:00 that fighting was reduced today with only 7 attacks.

On the Mariupol line, Russia-backed militants fired on Krasnogorovka from a tank and mortar-launchers were used on Shirokino and Gnutovo; a BTR and heavy machine guns were fired on Maryinka.

On the Luganskoye line, Krymskoye was attacked with mortars and grenade launchers.

On the Donetsk line, militants used grenade-launchers and small arms to fire on Zaytsevo and Avdeyevka.

No casualties were reported today.

A possible reason for the lull in fighting today could be the fact that President Vladimir Putin was expected to meet with US President Barack Obama on the margins of the APEC summit in Lima; the two leaders had a brief discussionabout Ukraine, where Obama called on Putin to fulfill the Minsk accord, Reuters reported.

Journalist Yuri Bender has been traveling through southeastern Ukraine reporting on the effects of the war on villages there. See his Twitter feed.

As we reported earlier, much attention was devoted today in both Ukrainian and Russian media to protest marches and actions to mark the 3rd anniversary of the Maidan Revolution.

Ukrainska Pravda reported that there were some clashes between demonstrators and police this evening when some protesters brought tires to burn and police took them away. Nevertheless, a few tires were burned.

Translation: At the Stela now.

Analyst Mikhail Savva wrote on his Facebook page that some of the demonstrators headed toward the office of Viktor Medvedchuk, an oligarch who is seen as a pro-Russian symbol. But they ended up throwing rocks at the window not of Medvedchuk's office, but a beauty parlor that was on the next floor down. They also broke the windows of a Sberbank office:

 "There were slightly less people filming the 'destruction onf Medvedchuk's office' as there were demonstrators. The 'destruction' of the pro-Russian headquarters made the impression on me of something for show. As they say on the film credits, there were no injuries. The most interesting thing is that Medvedchuk's office didn't suffer. The owner of the ruined beauty parlor arrived and was distraught, the police are at work."

-- Catherine A. Fitzpatrick