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The Interpreter
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Officials Vow Probe of Ballot-Box Stuffing in Rostov; More Incidents Found in Rostov, Dagestan
3 years
Election Day: Bomb Scare in Moscow; Numerous Reports of 'Carousels' and Busing of Workers to Vote; Tampering

As we reported earlier, incidents of ballot-box stuffing have been videotaped in Rostov at Voting Precinct No. 1958; now there are new reports from the same district and also from Dagestan.

Russian media and social media has dubbed the video uploaded to YouTube by Andrei Zherebilov as stenochka which means "little wall," as it can be seen how three election workers form a wall to block access to the ballot box (and visibility) while a fourth worker stuffs the box with numerous votes, in batches.

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2016-09-18 14:46:35

There does not appear to be any good reason for this.

Lenta reported that during a televised briefing with Ella Panfilova, head of the Elections Commission, Sergei Yusov, head of the Rostov Region Elections Commission said that an investigation would be made of the incident.

Yelena Bochkareva, secretary of the Territorial Election Commission said that officials had gone to check the precinct in Rostov and "would take measures."

As we reported earlier, Pamfilova threatened journalists and observers who reported "carousels" (multiple voting) and other violations with libel suits if they gave false information. She said that only voting in Altai had been confirmed as a problem and votes have been disqualified. 

Meanwhile, Zherebilov has now uploaded to YouTube a second video which appears to show another ballot box at the same precinct in Rostov, also being stuffed.

Translation: Once again Precinct No. 1958 in Rostov. Now the stuffing of the ballots is at a second box. The girlfriends are covering.

Election workers form a "wall" again as a worker stuffs the ballot box. 

There was also a report from Dagestan:

-- Catherine A. Fitzpatrick