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Published in Stream:
Russia Update: May 24, 2016
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Thugs Ransack Apartment of Russian Political Prisoner Dadin's Wife
6 years
Putin Raises Pension Age to 65 for Government Workers; No Indexation for Inflation
Russian Poet Detained for Tearing Down Stalin Poster in the Moscow Metro
Anastasiya Zotova, the wife of political prisoner Ildar Dadin, came home to find her apartment trashed and a vulgar expression daubed on the mirror.

Translation: I came home, the door to the apartment was broken, things were taken out, and "filth" written on the mirror.

Zotova's husband Dadin was sentenced last year for protesting multiple times on behalf of anti-corruption campaigner Alexey Navalny, and his brother Oleg, not active in politics but punished in retribution for Alexey's criticism of the regime. 

His case as the first under a new law providing stiffer punishment for repeat offenders seemed to usher in an era of even greater penalties for opposition activism. 

Peter Shrank made a cartoon circulated by activists showing the Kremlin tower throwing the shadow of a Gulag labor camp watchtower. 

In an interview with Meduza, Zotova said she left home at 1:30 pm, then returned around 8 pm to get a laptop, only to find "a total pogrom" with all her things pulled out of drawers and closets and several tens of thousands of rubles missing. 

But the deliberate trashing of her home, a five-story building on Smolensky Blvd, and the scrawl on the mirror in lipstick seemed to indicate it was a political attack, not an ordinary robbery.

Zotova has been actively campaigning for her husband, and against the criminal code article that enforces harsher penalties.

Translation: These leaflets for the freedom of Ildar will go this evening to the human rights conference in Oslo [the Freedom Forum].

-- Catherine A. Fitzpatrick