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Published in Stream:
Day 745: March 3, 2016
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Ukrainian Volunteer Fighter Accused Of Being Russian Spy Collapses In Court, Reportedly In A Coma
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Last week the Ukrainian SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) accused Stanislav Krasnov, a volunteer with the Azov regiment, and activist Oksana Shelest of spying for the Russian FSB (Federal Security Service, the successor to the KGB). Both were members of the far-right Azov-Krym, the "civilian corps." 

Our report from last week:

[SBU chief Oleksandr Tkachuk] said that Krasnov had met with his "Russian curator" in Belarus to discuss plans to carry out sabotage with explosives and had given the FSB lists of Azov Regiment members.
Krasnov and was arrested, with his girlfriend Oksana Shelest, in the early hours of February 28 at a gas station after allegedly depositing explosives at a hiding place on the highway between Kiev and Kharkiv, near the village of Schastlive.

According to Tkachuk, Krasnov attempted to escape arrest and put up resistance. 
Plastic explosives, equivalent to 42 kg of TNT, were reportedly found at the hiding place, in addition to seven anti-tank mines, 10 detonators and grenades. According to the SBU, Krasnov had moved the explosives from another location.

Meanwhile Krasnov's friends and associates believe the SBU is lying about the explosives and one, Tamara Shevchuk, says that he and Shelest appeared to have been beaten when they were glimpsed in the corridor of an SBU building on Volodymyrska Street in Kiev.

Their arrest sparked protests from Azov supporters over the weekend. 

The lawyer for Krasnov accused the SBU of torturing his client for six hours. Pictures later released seemed to support the theory that Krasnov was indeed roughed up.
Today Krasnov appeared in court. LiveUAMap has been following the proceedings: 
But there was a surprise turn of events. It appears that Krasnov collapsed in court. There are even reports from Azov supporters that he is now in a coma.

We will continue to follow this story.

-- James Miller