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Published in Stream:
Russia Update: February 3, 2016
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Transgender Woman Murdered in Russia
4 years
Kasyanov Files Complaint About Kadyrov to FSB; Kadyrov Says 'Too Early' To Think About Re-Election
Russia Plans to Privatize Rosneft, Bashneft and Other State Companies - But Cautiously, And With Conditions
Anzhela Likina, a transgender woman formerly known as Oleg Vorobyov, was brutally stabbed to death in Ufa, Bashkortistan, a southern republic of the Russian Federation, Radio Svoboda and reported yesterday, February 2.

A friend of Likina's former wife has been detained as a suspect in the murder. Likina had two daughters and ran a car repair shop. 

Investigators say that on February 1, a dispute took place between Likina and the suspect, a 41-year-old male who was said to be intoxicated at the time.

Likina gained fame in 2014 with a YouTube video showing her being stopped by police while driving, and the policemen's mocking reaction upon seeing the driver's license with a male name.

Likina wrote on her VKontakte page shortly before her death (translation by The Interpreter):

"Do what you want and don't let anyone influence your choice and the decisions you have make, take reponsibility for your life. And be drawn in your relations to the strongest and the best. That will give you correct orientations and will definitely bring you closer to your dreams."

-- Catherine A. Fitzpatrick