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Published in Press Stream:
December 7, 2015

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Published in Stream:
December 7, 2015
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
First Pictures From Explosion At Bus Stop In Moscow
4 years
Stream: December 7, 2015
Publication: Russia Update
US Russian Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law Declared 'Undesirable'; Director Barred from Russia
Russian Press: Police Say 'Home-Made Explosive' Thrown At Bus Stop In Moscow
A Twitter user has uploaded several pictures of emergency crews responding to a reported explosion at a bus stop in Moscow.
He also shared this Periscope video. It's hard to make out because it is very short.

Vladislav on Periscope: "На месте взрыва остановки"

Vladislav (@unkn0wnerror) on Periscope. Жизнь слишком коротка, чтобы смотреть в стол. @NewcasterTV CTO and Co-Founder, FuckRKN team, @alliance_mo. +7 (926) 174-45-40,

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Dec 08, 2015 01:22 (GMT)

So far all we know is what we have reported earlier, that according to LifeNews, a Moscow television outlet with suspiciously-close ties to the Russian security apparatus, three people have been injured at an explosion at a bus stop.

-- James Miller