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Ukraine Live Day 634
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The Interpreter
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Two Blasts This Morning In Uzhgorod , Zakarpattia
5 years
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Police in the western Ukrainian region of Zakarpattia reported two explosions in the early hours of this morning in the regional capital Uzhgorod.

According to the police statement, reports of the blasts were received at 3:45 and 3:55. 

No one was wounded in the blasts, which were not powerful. However the police are "worried" because the explosions occurred in residential areas - a house and outside a 5-storey block.

Meanwhile reports that the first reported incident was the result of two military grenades thrown at the residence of Yuriy Mandych, a deputy in the Uzhgorod city council. 

According to this report, the blasts damaged the property, windows and a car. reports that the second reported blast was caused by a car set alight.

According to the news site, the VAZ car belonged to Igor Savitsky, a local Cossack leader. Some eyewitnesses claimed that the car was destroyed by a bomb.

Several cars were torched in Uzhgorod in July, amid rising tensions in the region after a shoot-out involving Pravyi Sektor members in neighbouring Mukachevo.

One of the cars burnt belonged to the regional prosecutor.

No claims have been made yet as to who was behind this morning's incidents, however in a region with a recent history of violence and tensions involving Pravyi Sektor, this weeks' announcement of the resignation of the groups leader, Dmytro Yarosh, may raise suspicions of score-settling or provocations.

-- Pierre Vaux