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Ukraine Live Day 624
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The Interpreter
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Korban Now Being Investigated In Connection With New Set Of Allegations
5 years
With Reports Of Fighting Last Night And This Morning, Situation In Donetsk Area Deteriorating
Former State Emergency Service Officials Face New Charges Of Extortion And Bribery

Interfax-Ukraine reports that Gennadiy Korban, leader of the UKROP party and former deputy governor of Dnipropetrovsk, will remain in detention and that the Prosecutor General's office is now investigating a new set of charges against him.

This morning, having returned to court in Chernihiv after falling ill, Korban was escorted away and taken to an Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) detention centre in Kiev.

The announcement by Stepan Bozhilo, head of investigating cases of special importance at the Prosecutor General's office, that Korban is now investigated in connection with a new set of charges, allows his detention to continue.

Bozhilo would not specify what the new accusations against Korban were.

So far, Korban has been charged with running a criminal organisation and misappropriating funds intended for Ukrainian soldiers.

However yesterday, Mikhail Koshlyak, an aide to MP Borys Filatov, another UKROP member, was arrested on charges of having been involved in the killing of Viktor Mandzyk, an SBU officer who was shot in Volnovakha on March 21 this year. 

That month, Andriy Denysenko, MP and associate of Korban and then-governor of Dnipropetrovsk Ihor Kolomoisky, admitted that his assistant Denys Hordeyev had killed Mandzyk, but claimed it was in self-defence.

Denysenko was the leader of the Sich paramilitary organisation, which the SBU claimed was in fact a criminal gang operating under the pretence of being a volunteer group supporting the war effort. 

Hordeyev was detained on March 27 while attempting, President Poroshenko said, to flee the country. At least 30 people were detained in the initial investigation into the case.

During the investigation into the killing, SBU chief Valentyn Nalyvaichenko accused Korban and Svyatoslav Oleynik, another Dnipropetrovsk regional administration official, of threatening violence against law enforcement officers working to combat smuggling along the frontier in the Donbass. According to the SBU, Mandzyk was killed by smugglers from the Sich organisation.

The affair coincided with a stand-off between the government and Kolomoiskiy after he deployed armed men to guard the Ukrtransnafta office in Dnipropetrovsk.

The situation was seemingly resolved when Kolomoiskiy and Korban resigned on March 24

For the Mandzyk case to re-emerge at the same time as Korban is accused of operating a criminal organisation appears unlikely to be a coincidence. 

To add to the intrigue, there was an apparent assassination attempt made on Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin last night:

Meanwhile UKROP is protesting in Kiev today:

Translation: People are gathering outside the Arsenal metro station for a UKROP demonstration

-- Pierre Vaux