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Published in Press Stream:
October 16, 2015

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Published in Stream:
October 16, 2015
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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Claims That Russian Jets Mistakenly Struck Regime Positions Near Homs Yesterday
4 years
Stream: October 16, 2015
Publication: Putin in Syria
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NOW Lebanon reports that anti-regime media are claiming that Russian jets have mistakenly bombed Syrian Arab Army positions to the north of Homs.

NOW cites reports from Alaraby Aljadeed and Al-Souria Net claiming that bombs fell yesterday on several regime checkpoints and military bases, including the large Mulouk checkpoint, just south of rebel-held Talbiseh.

Pro-rebel Al-Souria Net went into details on the purported Russian airstrikes on Syrian regime positions, reporting that the bombing of the Mulouk checkpoint “caused the death of two colonels and six privates.”

“[Other military personnel] were injured,” the correspondent added.

He went on to cite eye witness accounts as saying that the erroneous strikes had also targeted “the Mukhtariya checkpoints, Kafr Nan, Al-Nijmeh, the Brigade 26 [base], the Al-Felastini checkpoint, [the village of] Aatoun and [its] electricity station and Military college, as well as Shiite-majority-populated locations in the area around Al-Dar al-Kabirah and Teir Maalah.”

A Homs-based activist, calling himself Mohammed al-Sibai, told the outlet that the mistaken strikes had happened because of the proximity of the various locations to the opposition-controlled areas the planes had intended to bomb.

The alleged friendly fire incidents came as the Syrian government on Thursday launched a fierce assault north of Homs in a bid to clear to the M5 highway leading north to Hama.

As we reported earlier this afternoon, Russian jets have been striking rebel-held towns in this very area, including Talbiseh, in attacks that have caused heavy civilian casualties.


Pro-regime sources deny the claims.

-- Pierre Vaux