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Published in Press Stream:
September 30, 2015

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Published in Stream:
September 30, 2015
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
UPDATED: Video Posted By Russian Deputy Prime Minister Shows Military Training Exercise
5 years
Stream: September 30, 2015
Publication: Putin in Syria
Area Hit By Russian Airstrikes In Homs Have Been Under Siege By Assad Forces For More Than a Year
Is ISIS In Homs and Hama? We Ask The Institute for the Study of War

UPDATE: Original post is below, but as is noted at the end, this video was not taken in Syria.

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin has posted this video to his Facebook page which appears to show a joint attack of helicopters and Russian jets in Syria today.

His message: "Let's wish our guys successes and victory!"

Note that this video does not appear to have been released first on Youtube, nor does the cameraman speak. Does that mean this video was filmed by a Russian soldier?

Also, it's unclear whether the helicopters in this video are Syrian regime or Russian, but one thing is interesting -- we have not yet seen reports of helicopters being used in Hama province. We have, however, seen reports of helicopters being used in Homs -- including in Talbiseh, one of the targets of Russian airstrikes.  If this is Homs, not Hama, that makes the video even more interesting, since the Russian Foreign Ministry is denying that Russia attacked Homs at all.


Rogozin's message seemed to suggest that this was taken today in Syria, but it is in fact old video from a training exercise.

-- James Miller, Catherine A. Fitzpatrick