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Ukraine Live Day 589
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The Interpreter
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Nadezhda Savchenko Gives Evidence In Court
5 years
Captured Russian Spetsnaz Officers In Court In Kiev

Nadezhda Savchenko, a Ukrainian military officer who was captured by separatist fighters last year and illegally transported to Russia where she faces flimsy charges of murder, is in court again today in the Russian border town of Donetsk.

A live feed of today's proceedings is available below:

We're waiting for the beginning of the hearing. Today Savchenko and her lawyers will say what happened on 17/06/14 and later.

Mark Feygin, one of Savchenko's lawyers:

They've begun. Savchenko will give evidence. But beforehand, Novikov [one of Savchenko's lawyers] is is making a request for a polygraph machine to be brought in (?).

Nikolai Polozov, another member of the defence team, tweeted:

The court has refused to conduct Savchenko's questioning with the use of a lie detector. This is everything that you need to know about this trial.

A request to use a projector to show maps of the area has been denied

Savchenko has decided to give her testimony in Russian. She's telling them a short biography of herself.

Savchenko is accused of acting as an artillery spotter, correcting fire, for a mortar strike on a separatist checkpoint at which two Russian state TV journalists were killed. 

According to the prosecution, Savchenko scaled a 40-metre radio mast to observe the target and relay targeting information. 
Savchenko says she wounded her arm at 9:30. The investigators have not challenged this fact by the way. How could she have then, at 12:00, climbed a 40-metre mast?

I am a Mi-24 weapons system officer, I haven't passed any fire correction training, I know the principles of artillery fire correction in only the most general terms.

Savchenko: came to the Maidan on her days off, which included February 19-21. "I tried to put a stop to it, I chatted with the soldiers, defended the Berkut officers."

Savchenko says how she ended up in the Aidar Battalion: she made a request to join the ATO, she wasn't allowed in, released on leave, went off herself - "to where she needed to be."

The battalion didn't have enough people or weapons, she stayed to train the soldiers in military operations

Savchenko: After my capture I first head of the deaths of the journalists from other Russian journalists. "But the militants said: here is the gunner"

Savchenko says she was captured over an hour before the attack, which took place at 12:00 that day. 

Savchenko says she was captured at 10:30!

Savchenko is saying how she was taken to Russia a week after her capture. Recess.

Essentially, Savchenko said that people, led by the 'defence minister of the LNR,' handed her over to people in masks, speaking with Russian accents, even further away.

-- Pierre Vaux