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Ukraine Live Day 583
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The Interpreter
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Ukrainian Authorities Arrest Former Sevastopol Councillor Who Supported Russian Annexation
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The Sevastopol Gazette reports that Vladimir Galichy, a former member of the Sevastopol city council who voted in favour of unification with Russia after the takeover of Crimea last year, has been arrested by the Ukrainian authorities.


According to the report, Galichy was heading back into Crimea from mainland Ukraine when he was stopped yesterday afternoon by Ukrainian border guards at the Kalanchak checkpoint on the frontier between Ukrainian and Russian-controlled territory.

Galichy's wife, Nina, told the newspaper that she was unable to reach her husband until midnight, after he was led away by armed border guards at 15:00.

She was told that the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) had sent on an order from the Pechersky district court, dated August 27, for her husband's arrest on suspicion of treason. Nina told the Sevastopol Gazette that she had been able to give him medication he requires for his diabetes.

At 3 am today, Galichy managed to report that he was being taken to Kiev. 

The newspaper notes that Galichy was amongst 49 members of the City Council who voted for unification with Russia on March 16, 2014.

The occupying Russian authorities have been notified of the arrest.

-- Pierre Vaux