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Ukraine Live Day 583
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The Interpreter
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Masked Men, Some Carrying Azov Flags, March On Dobkin's Home And Kharkiv City Council
5 years
Ukrainian Military Reports Attacks Throughout Almost All Of Last Night Near Gorlovka
Ukrainian Authorities Arrest Former Sevastopol Councillor Who Supported Russian Annexation

In Kharkiv today, unidentified activists in balaclavas have attempted to storm the City Council building. 

Translation: Kharkiv activists in balaclavas have reached the City Council building. They're chanting: "Glory to Kiev Rus! Novorossiya - suck on it!"

Translation: Kharkiv. The entrance to the City Council is SEALED OFF BY POLICE

Translation: Kharkiv. A scuffle has broken out between activists and police

Translation: Kharkiv. A law enforcement officer attempted to prevent a Hromadske-Kharkiv journalist from taking pictures.

Translation: After the scuffle the activists have moved off from the City Council building

According to Ukrainski Novyny, the activists departed in five minibuses.

Earlier this morning, a group of young activists, most wearing balaclavas and some carrying the flag of the Azov Regiment, have stormed a compound belonging to MP and former governor of the Kharkiv region, Mikhail Dobkin. Some of those who took part in this action were also present later outside the City Council.

Translation: Kharkiv. Activists have now reached Dobkin's home and are blocking the exit

Translation: Kharkiv. Activists have covered a window from where a security guard was peering out with white paint

Translation: Activist from the Azov Civil Corps: we're having a peaceful protest.

Translation: On the grounds of the house (on the other side) there are armed men

Translation: Kharkiv. The activists have thrown fireworks over the fence and finished their protest

While activists were trying to get into the City Council building, a regular session of the Council, headed by mayor Hennadiy Kernes.

Both Kernes and Dobkin are controversial figures in Ukrainian politics. They were supporters of Viktor Yanukovych, and involved in the organisation of the 'Ukrainian Front,' a movement of pro-Russian, Yanukovych loyalists that rallied against the EuroMaidan revolution. 

While criminal charges of separatism against Dobkin were eventually dropped, he was replaced as governor. He remains an MP in the Opposition Bloc party, formed out of the remnants of Yanukovych's Party of Regions.

Kernes, who survived an assassination attempt last year (in which he claims the interior minister, Arsen Avakov, was involved), is now facing the possibility of serious criminal charges after being named as a suspect in a torture and kidnapping case.

Today, Ukrainski Novyny reports, Kernes told reporters that the activists had asked for him to come to a meeting with them and Dobkin.

-- Pierre Vaux