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Final Wish
My Funeral Playlist (and Yours)
1 year
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Publication: FinalWish's Pressimus
Estate Planning In The Online World.
Tulsa Veteran Gets Final Wish.

Music is a big part of a person's life and death. Many services or celebrations from the past featured hymns that the person loved to listen to in church. Nowadays with celebrations of life people are choosing songs from their favourite artists.

Whether your favourite song is AC DC's-Highway To Hell or Blue Oyster Cult's-Don't Fear The Reaper choosing what song you would like played at your celebration of life is so important. It helps people celebrate who you were and the music that was important to you.

Part of the reason I created Final Wish  was so people could have a celebration that represented them. To create a slideshow with the photos and music you love will bring you peace of mind and will help your loved ones remember you the way you want to be remembered. 

So the question is. What is your funeral playlist? If you are like me you will have a hard time choosing songs and my songs change weekly. So my advice would be to sit back and listen to some of your favourite songs and pick a few for your celebration. 

Below is a great article from the New York Times on choosing your deathbed playlist.  Give it a read if you have a chance. 

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Opinion | My Deathbed Playlist (and Yours)

Now that I'm approaching my mid-40s, I've finally gotten around to some basic end-of-life planning. Health care proxy? Check. Power of attorney? Signed. My playlist for dying? It's done. Some people find it meaningful to specify the music they would like to be played at their funeral.

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Jun 12, 2018 09:09 (GMT)