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Final Wish
Removed From My Wishes, But Never From My Heart.
6 years
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Publication: FinalWish's Pressimus
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March 4th 2017.

Today I am writing about a recent experience I had on Final Wish. As most of you already know an important part of Final Wish is to decide who you want to care for your Pets.

In 2016 a year I will always remember as the year we lost many celebrities. I also lost my best friend Carrie and my cat Dooby. It is a year I will never forget and a reminder that life is short.

My wife and I never had children...we had Dooby. He became like a child to us and we spoiled him rotten.

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2017-03-14 00:46:09

We had Dooby for 14 amazing years and as you can see from his picture above he was a very cool cat. Dooby was very sick and starting to show his age in December and we had to make the decision that it was time to let him go. It was the best thing for him, as he was starting to suffer.

I can't describe the emotions we went through, but it was like nothing I have experienced before. You are around your pets all the time and they become extremely close. Anyone who has gone through this loss knows exactly what I mean. We spent his last night spoiling him with treats and doing all the things he loved to do and when the time came to end his suffering he told us he was ready to go.

It was peaceful and he was surrounded by his favourite things (his lemon toy and his blanket) and most importantly the people he loved.

It has been almost three months now and I still think about Dooby several times a day. Recently my wife and I planned a vacation and will be traveling to Mexico.

Whenever I take a trip I like to go into my Final Wish account and go through and update My Wishes. I find doing this very therapeutic and it gives me peace of mind when I travel. This time was different, as I was going through My Wishes I realized I still have Dooby listed as my pet and have my friend Tannis assigned to care for him in case something happens to my wife and myself.

For some reason it was very difficult for me to delete this information. I know he is gone, but deleting his name just re-in forced this fact. I will never forget Dooby and he will always have a place in my heart. RIP little buddy.

Our pets truly are our family and when they are gone a part of us is gone. Most people outlive their pets, but some do not and that is why it is so important to have a plan in place in case something happens to you. It was one of the main reasons I created Final Wish and why I made this part of the service absolutely FREE.

Thank you for reading my post. 

Sincerely, Andrew Smith of Final Wish Inc.